For the Love of the World

The Revealing of the
Truth of the Word of God


Book 1

Approaching the
Kingdom of God
What was He thinking?

Table Of Contents

Imagine it's a whole new world,
and all you have to do is want it!

This began as a book of Revelations of the Word of God for these times, and became that and the chronicles of my experiences and observations of the corruption of the United States Government, and the undermining of the understanding of  the ways of God throughout the world.

For the Love of the World - the only love greater is my love for God

Book 2

Creating the Future
Where the New World Begins!

Table of Contents
This book is not about converting anyone.

It's about understanding everyone.

That's HOW the New World begins. I say, it begins now.

When do you want it to begin?

With God
Everything is possible!

Music of the Angels of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power  Music of the Angels of God


A Pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God


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From Thomas A'Kempis

Let the words that I write and speak be heard throughout the world, to all nations and all people, for the sake of all beings, and may the joy and love of the Father be felt in all, that his plan for your love and joy be fulfilled on earth, as it is in heaven. May you hear these words and know them to be true, in your heart, in your mind, and in the world forevermore.



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