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For the Love of the World
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For the Love of the World Book II  Creating the Future Where the New World Begins


Only a deceptive person would want you to believe that saying "I'm sorry" or "confessing" is enough to expect forgiveness


Let the words that I write and speak be heard throughout the world, to all nations and all people, for the sake of all beings, and may the joy and love of the Father be felt in all, that his plan for your love and joy be fulfilled on earth, as it is in heaven. May you hear these words and know them to be true, in your heart, in your mind, and in the world forevermore.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elvis Presley - 30 No1 Hits - 26 - In The Ghetto

I've tried to imagine what it would be like if I was in Israel, a Palestinian or Israeli person, with an agreement of peace and co-existence. And I imagine that it even works. And I wonder, even so, would I actually be able to live side by side with people who had been my worst enemy for whatever reason, and actually forgive them as I would have them forgive me, trust them and, as the Bible says, love them as I would myself.

It's a tough question, isn't it? It's like racism in the United States. You could actually end it, or you could just declare we're all color blind, and ignore it like it doesn't exist. Like an advertising campaign to convince you that eating lots of corn silk will cure a common cold.. until they come up with something new next week.

If you found out tomorrow that the media was lying to you about important things, how long would it take until you trusted them again, and what would they have to do to prove they were trustworthy?

Talk about "feeling your pain".

Sometimes, I think about some of the people who have been involved in criminal acts against me, knowing one day, under some circumstance, I'm going to have the opportunity as well as the necessity to face some of them, an ask for the full, true story, to fill in some details that I believe I have a right to know. Some of them are truly brilliant people, and even if I found out they were "good guys" all along, I wonder if I could trust them. Professionally and personally.

It's like the Palestinians and the Israelis. Ask the people. On both sides. They don't want the hostilities and even the Israeli people are increasingly opposing their own government's policies.

Even these people know that the conflict between their peoples is not personal, except that it affects them personally.

So, if you were a Palestinian or Israeli citizen, and true peace was declared and established, what would it take for them to actually become at peace with each other. One example of what I mean is, like, let's say one person says to the other person, "I'm sorry for the suffering it caused you". Would the person receiving the apology be able to accept it without being distracted by the anguish and emotional wounds left by the tragedies of their lives?

I want you to seriously think about that, because it's something that must be empowered soon. You think it's all about the Israelis and Palestinians.

There's a reason I decided to use "In the Ghetto" for this chapter. First, because everyone loves Elvis, and I thought it would be interesting for people to realize that Willie Nelson wrote the song.

But, mostly, it describes the kind of thing I'm talking about in a short song, how things happen, how circumstances put us in situations, and how extreme situations lead people to extreme actions. As well as how every mother and father knows that despite the crimes their children may commit, there's a part of them that is pure and good. That's not to defend their crimes.

People who speak of Christianity, of believing in Christianity, and agreeing to the teachings of the last great Christ, Jesus, need to really take on that Christianity, and the judgment of the Christs, inspired and guided by God, is superceded by the "current Christ", recognized or not.  And you need to realize, certain religious and political leaders have been aware of the existence of a Christ for centuries. And have ignored and purposefully suppressed them.

That said, I say, to this day, the teachings of Jesus are still just as valid and universal as they were back then, even though verbiage and descriptions of His instruction were sometimes suited to the ways and mores of that time.

To this day - and I keep looking to see if I disagree or thought something may have been incorrect in the context of today - and I only find one thing I believe I can make clearer, and one other thing that I believe has been obscured by losses in translations and philology of words. There is one other passage I want to research with someone in original texts to see if it was inserted or reinterpreted to suit King James that leads to an abstract conversation that inevitably becomes a discussion regarding polygamy and sexual conduct.

Now, the meat of this conversation. The integrity of a covenant.

In a nation, we make a constitution and some laws, conduct ourselves in ways that we say are consistent and appropriate. In effect, we make a covenant with our fellow citizens, and whether or not we keep that covenant often translates into whether we live in a safe or dangerous, friendly or unfriendly, and even, bigoted communities. We make covenants, come to agreements, make deals, decide on a social contract.

Being true to those covenants, having integrity toward keeping those covenants, has benefits, just as breaking them can have unwanted consequences.

Of course, the value of the covenant from the beginning is derived from the honest intent and facilitation of the parties making the agreement. For example, if a government of laws breaks its own laws, it can not expect the citizens to respect it or the justice system that enforces illegal laws. If a citizen, without criminal intent, breaks a legal law, they should not expect benefit of the government. By a legal law, I'm not saying that just because a legislature passes legislation it should be respected or considered legal.

Particularly these days, as many illegal laws are passed that, enable the commission of crimes by the government against its own citizens. Once again, I stress, I am not speaking solely of the United States.

The ways of government, since the invention of radio and TV in particular, has been to use mass communications in order to tell "the story" their way. We're told of truth commissions and investigations, of people who are the assumed wise stewards of our nations, learning lessons, and then the only people who are criminalized are the citizens or professionals taking orders from the people who gave the orders and conducted the truth commissions. Congress. I've come to the conclusion that a commission by the government is a code word for the "commission of a cover-up".

When's the last time you heard an apology from a politician or a government that wasn't more than trite words required to provide the facade of concern  for the consequences of unethical or immoral acts. Dick Cheney has admitted to international crimes against humanity on TV. Why isn't he in jail?

George W. Bush perpetrated at least one public hoax by leading us to war in Iraq, scaring us with the threat of terror to launch a war he told a reporter he was going to start 2 years before GW ever ran for president. People died. If you perpetrated such a hoax that lead to the deaths of over 1,000,000 people, would you be in jail?

And the United States Congress ignored the facts of the case proving that we were lead to war on false premises, all of which could have been known if only they'd watched CNN. And instead of apologizing to the soldiers and families who lost their lives, and loved ones, and those who suffer their wounds, the Department of Homeland Security identifies our Iraqi veterans as potential homegrown terrorists.

It's like our government all but shunning Viet Nam Veterans because to honor them would mean Congress having to constantly remind citizens of the way our government was being controlled by the military industrial complex, and how the government had sold out to corporate interests.

If you don't apologize for your crimes or sins, how can you be forgiven for them? If you apologize for something and then turn around and do it again, how can you claim the expectation of forgiveness, or even trust of any sort?

Every once in a while we hear of a death bed confession of people known in the past to be involved in political or criminal dirty dealings. The media plays it up like a big story of uncovering something they likely knew long ago but weren't allowed to mention in order to protect the criminals still living. We're told of a mystery finally solved, and the confession conjures up images of a sinner making peace with God before dying.

I don't mean to be insensitive, but I can't help thinking it's just like governments, and the phrase, governments do the right things when all else fails.

When people are doing things, evil things, things that cause others to suffer and destroy lives for reasons other than to protect the lives of those they have pledged to protect... people know when they're doing wrong things, I'm talking fundamental right and wrong things.

So when they make careers out of taking orders and appeasing people of lawlessness, and then confess on their death beds, it only appears to me to be the same as a congressional commission: doing the least they think they can have to do or admit to get away with it.

And worse: who cares what happens to the people they have harmed and continue to be harmed, so long as they get to be famous, rich and powerful. And undeserving of forgiveness.

When Jesus died on the cross, He said, forgive them, for they know not what they do. And God forgave them all. And a new covenant was made. And that covenant was that from that day on, for every spirit in existence and the elders of this world, that whatever you do from here on out will be held against you. God is keeping score. And Jesus is the referee. He'll decide what crimes or sins are forgivable based on the times and based on   the circumstances.

You could easily say that the key to forgiveness on the spiritual plane, with God, is simple, because if you confess your sins and so forth, you'll be forgiven. It's not really that simple. It sort of is. But what about those you've harmed? Those you've "trespassed" against?

In my world, in my circumstances, in regard to the people who have committed crimes against me... in the worlds of people, like South Africans, and people of all races in the United States and other nations who have been victimized... for the most part, they'd be glad to simply have the harm and oppression removed from their lives so  they could continue on make the most of their futures.

But they'd have a problem with the people who committed the crimes continuing to have power over them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - Motown's Love Songs - 202 - Anger

Forgiveness - it's part of a covenant - one that says I agree to certain rules in a "culture" of one sort or another, an no one expects perfection, but there is a reasonable expectation of honorable intent, whether there are specific rules or not.

Part of what that covenant - the agreement to play by the rules - includes, is the willingness of a person to be willing to examine their own lives and admit to themselves and God, where they have failed to live up to their own expectations in living their principles in the world, as well as by the standards they believe in and agree to as Christians or any other faith.

Judge not lest ye be judged. In one context, it means, don't jugs other people of their righteousness in God's eyes lest you be judged for judging others, in one way, deciding you have the right to play God, and be held accountable for their actions because after all, if you're a true servant of God, then as a peacemaker, it is partly your responsibility to reconcile the situation, much like a material witness to a crime is a criminal if they don't report crimes.

In terms of forgiveness, this same phrase, judge not lest ye be judged... it's interesting how we can "turn the tables" a bit and say that, because reconciliation and atonement requires us to judge ourselves, to consider how God would judge us and then do what's right in order to reconcile the situation... whatever that might be and may be possible... that if we judge not ourselves, we will be judged by God, and He is much more of a perfectionist when people who know the difference between right and wrong try to fool Him into thinking they've done good when they know they haven't. He's particularly irritated when people believe confession is a process one can do, like a magic incantation or going to a car wash, that absolves you, even when you don't really care and only do it because it makes you appear to be righteous.

And, ministers who believe that actual apostasy will be overlooked because they've saved souls... please look at what apostasy means and how you're actually conducting yourselves and representing truth, and where you are gathering it from, and understand that the rippling effect of misleading people after knowing you erred or knowing you've been too lazy to know the truth by your own education could lead to your flock being misled, and in these times, could mean their deaths...  you can understand why the Bible instructs us that God hates apostates and will show them no mercy.  Because He's trusting you, He's having faith in you, and your faithfulness to the covenants you made with God will be reflected in your actions, in your example as a leader and teacher of the ways of Christ Jesus, you want to understand God is trusting the care of His children to you... and so part of your judgment will be regarding your faith in Him by following His ways, always seeking truth in order to care for His children, with the same passion and concern you would have for your own children. And so, you need to be honest with yourselves about that. Because this is no time to be lackadaisical about what God expects from you.

That last paragraph was God's words.

The biggest part of forgiveness and being forgiven is forgiving yourselves. If you can't acknowledge to your selves, acknowledge that you know the difference between right and wrong to your self, and admit it even to your self, how can you forgive your self for continuing to do something you know is wrong when you keep doing it? And then, how could anyone forgive you.

It's an endless cycle that must be broken.

Only you can break it.

And if you want someone's forgiveness, if you expect someone to forgive you, it's up to you to offer them something to forgive. And if you're being sincere, it will be what there is to forgive. And if you mean it, you'll do your best to never do it again, even though you might, though it will be less likely to occur over time.

Forgiveness becomes easier and easier as there becomes less to forgive. But we should never forget the lessons of what lead to the need for forgiveness, or we will simply repeat them, which is what we've been doing for centuries.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A01 - Egypt, Israel and America

God wants to forgive everyone. He sent Jesus the first time to show people what He expected of them. This time, He's looking for reasons despite making His expectations clear. If that isn't clear to you, consider that the Bible clearly says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was to be settled by 1996. 48 Years after the establishment of the Nation of Israel. And in God's mind, more than enough proof that His instructions are being ignored, and that His children are being harmed, which He will tolerate no longer.

While negotiators continue the charade of seeking peace by force, reconciliation can not be achieved without forgiveness, and forgiveness can not be granted without reconciliation. Reconciliation can not occur without an honest broker, and there can be no honest broker if they are committed to an outcome that favors one side or another.

And that is the history of the world that God will bring to an end, through forgiveness. That is the justice of God, and part of the the promised He said He would deliver.

The first thing you need to forgive yourself for is being human in every way that you are. Lose your self to save your self. By forgiving yourself first.. not absolving yourself of responsibility or liability or anything, but forgiving yourself.. you will, in time, find less and less to forgive yourself for.

Consider why that would be true, as the web of lies, to yourselves and others and God unravels and is undone.

The way to destroy the world as it is, as the Bible speaks of, God's way, would be to destroy according to the Biblical definition.. to undo... to unravel the mess and straighten it out... and it begins with forgiveness.

There's a great deal more that could be said on this subject with far greater implications encompassing more than you can imagine it would apply to. But that's   why an era, not a year or a weekend, but an era of reconciliation begins with forgiveness, and the forgiveness begins with the guilty, and not the acceptance of harm by the victims.

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