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For the Love of the World Book II  Creating the Future Where the New World Begins

On the Edge of a Dream


Let the words that I write and speak be heard throughout the world, to all nations and all people, for the sake of all beings, and may the joy and love of the Father be felt in all, that his plan for your love and joy be fulfilled on earth, as it is in heaven. May you hear these words and know them to be true, in your heart, in your mind, and in the world forevermore.

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The old world, the new world and our spirits in the material world

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 10 - Feet in the Clouds

I'm more than a little amused when I get the impression that people think I'm the kind of guy who has lived in some kind of dreamy, alternative consciousness or reality that rejects society... all sorts of things that would make it simply seem I was a dreamer or believing that everyone should simply have the world handed everything, as if labor and challenge and perseverance were horrible blights on humanity.

It cracks me up because none of those things is true, except for the part of having a reasonable respect and a bit of a dislike for the extremes of capitalism, which causes all sorts of bad things, and has caused me to choose a bit of an alternative lifestyle to the extent that, despite making a few bad choices along the way, instead of going along with certain business/corporate methods and practices, I chose to conduct my life in a way that gave me the ability to work with such businesses and individuals without participating in things I didn't approve of.

In a way I'm sure that appears to be an alternative lifestyle. In my mind, in my world, the way we are caused to have to pay so much attention to money and competition, survival - is the alternative lifestyle, and choosing not to get swept up in it is the real lifestyle.

Here's what I mean.

Do you live your life in a world that's just the way it is, or do you live in the world based on the way you think the world ought to be?

I'm a big believer in the idea of planting seeds, of living my life according to the beliefs and values I have, in ways that not only make people think about things they might never have thought of before, and when necessary, such as when business or personal situations become dysfunctional, to conduct myself in a way that ends the confrontational or demeaning aspects of a conflict so that the real issues can be addressed. In corporate situations, you might say I'll step in in cases of racism or sexual discrimination, or bad practices by superiors that I have strong objections to and don't want to "go along" with, so I'll start discussions that ultimately end up getting to the root of problems by exposing them tactfully and directly, right before I start making plans for finding  a new contract or employer, assuming that if I was around when the appropriate  people or policies were exposed, it would come to light that I had "forced the issue" to a head, maybe causing people to be embarrassed or fired, and frankly, since I didn't want to be in a conflict of any sort in the first place, I didn't want to have to deal with the blowback.

It's the reason I am sometimes called  a"moral interruption". :}

The real truth is, in a land of freedom and liberty, I do believe it's my responsibility to speak up or lead by example when the time comes and it's an important issue worth "fighting" for or standing up for. Otherwise, I believe businesses have the right to do business their way. People have the right to believe in and live the way they choose. And it's not my privilege or desire to go around telling people how to do whatever they do, what's right and wrong, or how they should think and act.

True liberty really is about being able to do whatever you want to do so long as it does not negatively impact others or the world you live in. It's a simple concept that actually must be considered in everything we all do.

One of my favorite scenes is in "Dances With Wolves", I can't remember the specifics of the scene, but one Native American man is telling the council that he wants to kill Kevin Costner, and another man says "I can't tell you what to do, but I wouldn't do it".

The bottom line is that consensus, the values and beliefs we have as individuals and then share as a whole, nationally and globally, are what create the world the way it is, moment by moment, 

So, in essence, the world we have accepted as being "the way it is" instead of the way we believe it should be is surrendering to a world that's "gone to hell" and giving up on a "vision" of a world where every life and being has value.

We have chosen to believe that resources are scarce, providing a free market/fixed economy that justifies higher prices, we have chosen to believe that sometimes we must do things that are wrong in order to not make waves, and then wonder why things don't go right, forgetting that we are part of the problem that causes what we say we dislike... because we go along.

We choose to believe politicians and leaders who make whatever promises they need to in order to win elections, and then perpetuate policies over 20, and even 100 years, to fundamentally change the foundations of America, as well as the world... and then we throw our hands in the air and say "Oh, well, it's just politics", and then vote for the next guy who believes that "at the end of the day, a win's a win", no matter what must be sacrificed to win. As if belonging to a particular political party or church actually stands for anything more than what they actually do when decisions, choices and legislation are considered and executed.

People wanting to believe. Or, people choosing to stand for what they actually believe in, instead of following the lead of people telling you what to believe in, what to stand for, talking points, that forward an agenda you don't understand and they aren't willing to tell  you, because if you knew the truth, you would not approve of it.

Here I am, a very pragmatic kind of person talking to you about Global Peace and Abundance For All.

Not because of some dreamy idealism. But, because I know it's possible.

We are continually told that our resources are dwindling, water is drying up, property is  hard to find and too expensive. And the there are some real potential disasters waiting to happen that can't be ignored, including man-made climate change and terra-forming, as well as electronic devices in use that could lead to human disaster. We are encouraged to live in cities for the convenience of commerce, cities that require the abuse of natural resources, leading to shortages and even droughts caused not as much as by lack of rain, but because of draining aquifers.

Nearly every one of these is possible and/or occurring because of mismanagement or abuse of technology, or withholding it for commercial and financial gain.

Nearly every one of them being caused by the corruption of leadership, and the crumbling of the foundations of those premises of this and other Republics, as well as the Democratic System, not because the systems are bad, but more, because governments and leadership place their own interests and aspirations, and the interests and aspirations of the "king makers" ahead of the needs of citizens and the planet.

We live in a world where the oceans are developing patches of floating plastic water bottles - acres of them - none of which you allow to be dumped in your pool to float indefinitely but which end up floating in the ocean because they are a true environmental scourge that someone hauls away, sweeps under the rug, so you don't have to think about it, or acknowledge that something actually must be done at some point to end it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren & Utopia - Adventures In Utopia - The Road To Utopia

Back years ago, Todd Rundgren formed a band called "Utopia" that caused me to look up the word in the dictionary. Utopia is one of those words our media and politicians use in the context of hippies and dreamers and such. One of those "trigger" words driven into our minds to mean something it doesn't mean. But utopia is nothing more than a word that describes something when it's accurately used.

Utopia basically means a place where everything is the way you want it to be, the way things "should be". And you get to say what that means, so long as you apply the Golden Rule to everything. That's God's idea of liberty. In  most ways, it was the intent of the founding fathers of the United States.

It may seem like an unrealistic mindset, but I prefer to think of it like the example of Jesus, something to aspire to, the bar by which to measure the integrity of my actions and beliefs, and at least an individual attempt, in my own actions and beliefs, to be one of the people to cause it - integrity to those things we claim to base our lives and world on - if only by planting seeds.

If only to be a person people know they can be around without having to use all the survival and defensive mechanisms we've learned to use to protect ourselves in this world "the way it is". It's a different world when you are dealing with people you know always want to do the right thing, make every attempt to do so, keep their word and "play by the rules" - especially those that affect other people - not because of fear of penalty, but because it allows for a world without such worry and stress.

The kind of world we all wish it was, whether we've become so cynical that we don't believe it's possible or even rational to believe it could be realistic.

I believe it is not only possible, but imperative, and more easily created than you think. It's only difficult because you think it's hard. I tend to believe that resolving any situation or problem is actually easy, it just may take a good deal of work to accomplish.

When we dig a garden, row by row, with a shovel, we say that it's hard work, but it's really not hard at all. Anyone could do it, with little or no training,

It is, however, exhausting physical labor. And you have to be willing to stick with it. What may be hard is remaining focused on what is important - completing the task - while your mind is asking you things like "Why, exactly, did  I want to plant a garden?"

If you think it's worth it, there's always a way to accomplish anything. And you will, just because you said you wanted to.

A long time ago I envisioned having a few things, not a lot, but I thought, if I could have my own 5 acres, I'd take it and make a nice, modest house, plant a great garden, and turn at least a couple of acres into something of a game preserve. The sort of thing I'm sure many people envision.

More importantly to me, though, was the idea of doing something that, after looking up the word, caused we to realize what I wanted to create on that property was my own personal utopia, a place where I got to say what things would be like, how people conducted themselves and so on.

I always imagined that you would arrive at the front of the driveway to the house and see a friendly but easy to read sign that said things like:

Chuck's place... where the Golden  Rule Applies. Please be nice to everyone and everything.

Rules like that.

By the time I was ten, I had already learned a great deal about drafting and basic construction code, and made drawing after drawing for years of different houses and buildings I would want to end up with. I started doing the math on what it would cost to rent a storage space to hold the scraps of building materials I was collecting.

Within a few years, I started thinking of this thing called The Farm - The Family of Artists & Musicians - a place like a campus that used the arts as a context for teaching children and adults conflict resolution and a way of being - ontology - regarding the ways of being human, and the cause and effect relationship our lives, our conduct, out treatment and our environment have on our lives. The idea was to cause a new generation of people who sought to resolve things in a just, win-win way, partnering with professionals who would work at the campus or work in school programs as artists in residence in order to promote the creative arts.

The same sort of thing could be done with sports, caring for pets, you name it. It's a paradigm for a community of sorts.

 Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodOrleans - Still The One - 04 - Let There Be Music

Secretly, I wanted to be the "mastermind" (I say that tongue in cheek) of a renaissance of the arts and sciences - music and painting, dancing and all sorts of things. To teach people to love their gifts as gifts to themselves, and for the expression of themselves in whatever medium, first for the purpose of satisfying and comforting themselves. And then, some would also find ways to deliver those messages to other people.

I just knew that music, and the arts, opens up so many great things in people, love, compassion, caring and giving. I always believed such a place could make a huge difference in the world.

I'd always hoped it would end up being a self-sufficient farm, on 100 acres or more, game preserve and all. I know what it looks  like. I could draw it for you at any given moment from my memory. A place where I could hold summer camps for kids, arranging to send them home with the musical instrument or art supply of their choice, counting on the cooperation of manufacturers to provide "seconds" and "blemished" goods... to put in basic recording studios and developing a  marketing and publishing company.

The point of all this is to tell you that I always worked toward establishing this place. And yet, it was about a year ago - 2008 - that someone told me that, especially when you knew more of all I had in mind, what I was actually describing was the Kingdom of Heaven, amidst the Kingdom of God. The more I learn, the more I understand it's true, and it affirms, once again, that I am not mistaken in my realizations of myself or my purpose in this world. It was just something I felt compelled to do since I was a child, just because I thought it would be a fun life.

I really want you to notice that none of what I have just described was about religious ideology or theocracy, it's about being and community.

It's about a place where people are people with all their fun and amusing idiosyncrasies, living in a world where we reject the idea that "no good deed goes unpunished", and "he who has the gold rules".

It's about a spiritual place - but not  a religious place - where people are actually free to fully be themselves in a place that is safe for them as individuals and as a community to share with each other - their creativity, their personal experiences, working together to earn their keep at "the  Farm"..

And when I say self-sufficient, I'm talking, even back in the '70's and 80's, using wind and solar and turbine electricity generation, methane and fertilizer from septic systems... everything you can imagine, either recyclable or compostable, nothing wasted. Without duplication or unproductive effort.

Once that was done, I would apply the same paradigms to help generate the prosperity of the town I was nearby, finding and generating local products on a regional basis for distribution purposes. Ultimately, it would empower small business people and the self-employed to be able to withstand the competition of the multi-national retailers and businesses by developing their own distribution networks and products based on regional resources and the crafts and products made by the people in any given area.

In a way, it's very much the same theory behind the Tri-lateral plan I've cast aspersions against, as well as the kinds of regionalization as proposed by Ronald Reagan. The difference between what I have in mind and what they were pursuing is that their plans rely on corporations to generate and sustain social mores and standards through employment and hiring practices, whereas I empower citizens to take control of their  lives and their government by providing streamlined regional administration centers, overseen by citizen committees, held accountable for the actions of their outsourced functions, and beholden to no one except the citizens they serve.

That's the tricky part about the people who propose such things as world government and empire. They have the power, through public image an the media, to cause us to believe whatever they want us to believe, and it's not our fault. I'm not calling us all stupid. We were misled.

We're told everything we want to hear in the headlines, in the speeches, but in the fine print, where the advantages and loopholes hide, where the opportunism and the foundations of corporate socialism reside.

I could, if I wanted to, say "the devil is in the details", and it would be true. It would also be true to say that this is where the "anti-Christ" make the deals that give them the upper hand in wealth and legislation.

I won't, for one moment, back away from my own personal spiritual beliefs.

But I'm hoping that you're noticing, particularly people who don't think of themselves as religious or spiritual or are tired of hearing about, that you're noticing that you can take what I'm saying in a Biblical or a political context, and the observations of what is actually going on in the world, and in the government of the United States, is the same.

The bad guys have taken over the sheriff's office, and the good guys have them surrounded. The problem is, the bad guys think  they're the good guys, just like the Bible said they would, and they believe they're so clever that even if the citizens they're abusing figure it out, they've got control of "the law", and can enforce it, one treasonous way or another. Just like the Bible says.

When the collapse of the current governments of corruption come, as it will soon, I pray with as little additional damage and harm as possible, we'll have some choices to make about our future. With the resources, technology and human compassion that remains and can be mustered.

But it'll be God's place, with a few rules posted outside the entrance to the property.

It's a whole, new world and all you have to do is want it.

I used to sort of kid around about how I was glad that the men on my father's side of the family died young, even though the truth is that the family genetics that caused their vascular afflictions are not relevant to my body traits. Still, that wasn't about hating life, it was about knowing that if something pretty big didn't happen, that a tyrannical government would take over, toward the goal of global government through force, not because it needed to be that way, but because those behind the grand plan took something that could have been used for good, and allowed it to become used for bad, believing that their participation, at least at the time they were involved, contributed to causing something really good.

Anyway, this cynical outlook part of my thinking came about because I understood what my father always said about absolute power, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, people subverting the intent of the constitution, and the idea that some people who got a little carried away with their power and wealth and couldn't resist abusing the system, and thus, never wanting to actually fulfill the "covenant made with God. So, I didn't have a death wish. I was afraid I would live to see the day when that tyrannical regime would take over, covertly or overtly. And I see it happening before my eyes, just as the Bible said it would.

The anti-Christ are very good at taking things that would be good or that sound good and covertly use it to do bad things, like the Clear Skies Initiative that actually contributed to pollution, or the economic bailout package passed by the same Democrats in control of economic oversight that allowed for the oversaturation of the housing market as well as the instigation of "speculation" into the usury market, that literally entrapped people whose only real fault was wanting the American Dream. Yet, politicians speak of "responsible" homeowners, and others who have lost their homes for taking out loans they knew they didn't deserve, all the while the entire economic "crisis" was a political payback for the financiers who control us and politicians through economic controls. Speculation and usury, privations, just as the Bible warns about.

And the problem always comes down to "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" combined with the idea behind the concept that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That without checks and balances combined with truth and true justice toward the accomplishment of true liberty, such liberty could not be achieved.

We are speaking of people who have spoken in terms of the big picture as a future that requires a few generations of forcible suppression and pacification of the citizenry until the population becomes adjusted to the New World Order. I'm talking about speeches and writings of people involved in the shaping of this "New World Order" they believe may take generations to become beneficent, by members who are considered the brightest of the Council on Foreign Relations.

All the while knowing the real problems are in the paradigm being implemented that control us through economics and electronics, and that the revolt of mainstream populations could lead to global war, if the citizens became fully educated and did not have prudent leadership that would prosecute their case in redress to the government as well as the knowledge of methods to stand for such representation without risking personal safety of constituents.

This description of real world and spiritual realm circumstances and requirements are like dimensions of existence colliding.

The reason that those "in control" have gone to so much trouble to prepare for civil unrest, to defend the government from the citizens, because they expect violent resistance at some point, which explains a great deal of why the government is so obsessed with identifying "potential homegrown terrorists". I find it offensive, as a citizen and on behalf of veterans of the Iraq war to know that their own government that sent them to war, that made them believe that putting their lives on the line was for a worthy cause, would list them as a potential threat.

There can only be 2 reasons for such concerns. First, coming to terms with what they have witnessed and have been participating in under false pretenses, not realizing yet that our government exposed them to what will prove to be lethal doses of radiation in our depleted uranium ammunition, and other maladies caused by experimental vaccinations. And second, because these people are true patriots, worthy of honor, and they are knowledgeable and capable of using counter-force if the government should opportunistically and dishonestly use civil disobedience and violence as a pretext for martial law.

The United States has built detention centers and authorized the use of troops on American soil, despite legislation rejecting such things. And certainly, you can always justify the use of troops on U.S. soil. But there are reasons for such "check and balance" laws, including the prevention of a corrupt government or regime from using force against its own citizens.

Long ago, organizations like the John Birch Society were branded as part of the lunatic fringe for being concerned with the day that would come when a regime would use war or terrorism as a pretext for suspending the Constitution, civil rights and democracy itself   if necessary in order to "secure the nation". 

People don't realize that when the Patriot Act and related additional legislation were passed, our civil rights were, in fact, suspended, and the suspension of those rights has been defended in court by the Obama Administration.

In fact, the Obama administration has now conveniently changed the term "enemy combatant" to "detainee", and in so doing, has actually given the government the right to arrest and hold anyone for any reason without having to answer questions... under the guise of national security.

Further, that the government would suspend our rights, claiming that when the nation was safe, all rights would be re-instated. Except that they are never re-instated, because through political discussion and the national corporate media, they can keep us informed of threats, imaginary or real, and who's to know which ones to believe? At least, without further research.

We'd like to think that such things wouldn't happen, but when truly evil people, or deluded people, are up to no good, they rarely make sense to normal people. They make as much sense to us as pedophilia, serial murder, rape and all sorts of horrendous things, and when such people strike, it's such a surprise that we still don't want to believe anyone would do such things.

Yet, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in full public view.  We don't want to question the events of September 11, 2001, because it's "unthinkable" to consider that our own government was knowledgeable or complicit in the attacks, despite the fact that more than 1/3 of Americans don't believe the official government explanation, particularly those who know the forensic facts of the case.

Who'd want to believe it? But, when you speak of people wanting to fundamentally change America, we're talking of people who are, as the Bible says, forecasting their actions. They tell you the truth about their intentions, but with lies of omission, withhold the truth about what they're actually doing. That's what makes it conspiracy, accomplished through infiltration and incremental change, coupled with loopholes and the glossing over of their intent.

These people, the anti-Christ, people who conduct themselves in un-Christian like ways, are preparing to defend the government because they anticipate violence when people figure out what's going on. And once again, it's just like the Bible says in

Proverbs 11:23 The desire of the righteous is only good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

Whether you apply that to world events or to Biblical prophecy, it's human nature for people who do evil to prepare for others to take revenge against them, because it's what they'd do. Except they also take advantage of both the threat of prosecution and personal harm and the integrity of good people, the meek, who have no desire to harm anyone and generally, peaceful abide by the law, but who, as a matter of moral imperative, must find a way to stand against "evil-doers".

Still, they are "checked" by those who control the law - just or not - especially at this moment in history.

Just as tax laws limit the freedom of speech of churches even though 527 organizations are allowed to operate as fronts for the two party "lesser of two evils" political system with complete freedom of speech, parroting partisan propaganda.

I'd defy anyone to otherwise rationally explain how the values and concerns of citizens are being abandoned in the leadership of government. Oh, sure, politicians can hijack religion by giving time and publicity to groups with hot-button issues such as abortion and such, but when you actually understand the programs and effects of policies and legislation, and make them believe they are concerned just enough to get their votes. But what actually changes?

What actually changes is caused by the resulting faux public debate that, like anything you're constantly exposed to, makes you think that those opposed to abortion are extremists, that those in favor of abortion are merciless baby killers, and that discussion in those contexts leads to a greater acceptance of abortion as a convenient birth control option in the long run. It's simple scientific fact of how propagandists can change your mind about things, or get you to go along with things you don't really agree with. They tell you of poll results that make you think that if all those other people think that way, then maybe so should I.

I was surprised a little when I realized that I actually don't believe in the death penalty, despite going along with the U.S. position on the death penalty all these years because I believed in majority rules, and that the majority of people agreed with it, so I would accept the majority consensus.

After I finally read the Bible, and took it as seriously as one should, I realized the reason why I fundamentally disagree with it: thou shalt not kill. I never really did agree with it, I went along with it. After that reason, though, comes the fact that I know many people have died and are on death row, unjustly convicted. If we really take the sanctity of life as well as our proclaimed Judeo-Christian values seriously, then you simply can't believe in the death penalty.

On the Edge Of A Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

And now, the reason I speak of this as being on the edge of a dream. And why it's about the old world, the new world, and our spirits in the material world.

I talk of corruption and the intent of the United States, and the parallels to the Kingdoms of God and Heaven, and the squandered opportunity to be the empire that kept its covenant, and the truth is, I could go on for hours and so could hundreds of other people that could tell you of things that you would find incredible and despicable

After a while you just get numb.

And then, after a while, it directly affects you, and you take action.

And it's not that we don't care, we don't notice because despite hardships, people are resilient and adapt, and even that is taken advantage of.  We cope while we're told we should band together for our national good. And we do, because we don't want to believe we are being deceived and betrayed.

The same things these evil doers are doing to protect themselves and their interests, and set up the New World Order to what they believe is an invulnerable position, will be the very things that expose them, and set the stage for the New World, as people finally make the choice to expel those who are corrupt and covert, and choose leadership by people who are and regard themselves as peers ins service to citizens and committed to the administration of the government for the people.

It sounds easy, but it's not. The longer it takes us to wake up and stand together as one the more difficult and tenuous it can become. But it needs to happen, and it will happen. But then what?

Dreams, envisioning what you want to create and then causing it is creation at its quantum moment, when the foundations are built in the thoughts you have and the plans you make and the possibilities you consider.

I've had friends who said they became skilled at having dreams, and while still asleep, consciously changing them to have them turn out the way they wanted, sort of like having a movie you can change as it plays.

Personally, I've remembered few dreams in my lifetime, but the ones I've had have come true, except for one from the 80's I'm consciously working to change at this very moment, writing this, as a matter of fact, and another one that makes me so confident that God's gonna use me to shorten the days of tribulation, and things will work out well, as planned, in the end, having something to do with a trip to India and God's sometimes bizarre and not necessarily appreciated mysterious ways and wry sense of humor. Even I can't wait to see how that one turns out. At least my life won't be summarized by people saying "at least they knew a prophet was amongst them".

But the same things that finally cause all of us, you, to realize and reject what's going on in the world, the governance that is not our friend, that is being used against us, will be the same things that will ultimately force us to ask and answer the ultimate question.

How do we think the world should be? What would the world be like if God was in control? And that's a loaded question, because I don't think people truly understand the ways of God and what's expected. At the very least, understand that God understands that none of us, not me or anyone , is perfect.

And then, we'll have to ask ourselves, what are we willing to do to require leadership that respects our spiritual and constitutional values?

Because after the end of days, the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, those who remain at that time will have to make choices about the future. About how it will be. And nothing will be forced upon you, it will truly be a choice.

You can certainly turn this into a purely "religious" discussion if you like, but I think we'll be able to agree that we actually know the difference between right and wrong, and that we take on learning to interact with each other as if we do and as if we are accountable to each other for acting like it. After all, that is at the heart of what the Golden Rule is about.

However, because of what I understand, my beliefs and faith, I know that people will come to know God's ways, and the ways of the kingdoms of God and Heaven, and will choose it like people would choose a great neighborhood.

And once people learn what words like worship and servant and sin and other words actually mean, they'll understand that the kingdom of God is not like a place where someone is standing around just waiting for the moment to whack someone if they step out of line. It's people like that who we're going to expel.

I look forward to people understanding what liberty really is, and living it, and understanding the differences between the old world, the New World and our spiritual selves which have been suppressed for far too long.

I look so forward to people being truly emancipated for the first time in history, emancipated form the influences and forces that have harmed them so long, and in the emancipation of their spirits that regardless of circumstances and hardships that have been endured, will come alive in joy and passion and wonder in was you can't even imagine, like a child watching sand slip through their fingers for the first time.  I try to describe it in mere words, and the only way that comes close to making sense and expressing the beauty of that time is in poetry and song that I never finish because it doesn't truly express its essence. Yet. But when it does, the world will change again.

In the same way, and conversely in regard to my friends who change their dreams unconsciously while they happen, I see life a lot like a movie that I can consciously, quietly change the script of, just a little, just enough to cause a completely different but preferred outcome.

I see dreams in real life. What some people might simply call "imagining" what if scenarios, what would happen if... like, what would happen if the citizens of the world rejected the corruption engulfing their leadership, and a leader emerged who was able to put things back in place, hold the line and reform and restore those things in the world that allow for a compassionate world as well as planet that can sustain life.

We've heard it all before. Promises, promises. I ask myself these questions about leadership, and wonder why anyone would trust me, or anyone else, at this point. I'll leave that answer up to God to provide.

And that's why we're on the edge of a dream. Standing there, watching it happen, wondering what to do, what it will take, and how it can be altered in such a way that it works out well in the end.

That's why there are The times We Must Endure

as well as

The Results of the Choices We Make: The New World




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