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For the Love of the World
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For the Love of the World Book II  Creating the Future Where the New World Begins

Whatever They Want To Say Is Fine With Me...
For Now

When God's Day of Justice Comes, the truth will be known


Let the words that I write and speak be heard throughout the world, to all nations and all people, for the sake of all beings, and may the joy and love of the Father be felt in all, that his plan for your love and joy be fulfilled on earth, as it is in heaven. May you hear these words and know them to be true, in your heart, in your mind, and in the world forevermore.

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You could say this chapter is a disclaimer, but it's actually more of an explanation.

On this site, in my books, essays and other writing, I make comments to people and organizations, referring to their activities and affiliations, in ways that some might say are slander or defamation. I assure you that in very few instances, particularly since 2002, that even if what I speak of implicates people in criminality, and I do, that I would not not do so unless I believed I had more than adequate evidence to present proving a relationship and activities related to people and acts against me and other people.

I will also say that some of these people, particularly those listed as "the anti-Christ, traitors and material witnesses", some of these people are just doing their jobs, some are fully involved, and some of them are doing their jobs, waiting for the day that the opportunity comes to step forward and put an end to the chaos and hardship being caused by people in leadership and authority who have crossed the line from leadership to tyranny and sociopathy.

I've said before, and I'll say it again: I never set out to implicate anyone's criminality in anything. I began simply speaking out like a citizen. I'm not a radical or extremist or even a rebel: I'm a citizen who knows the truth about more things than I actually care to know, and know that must be stopped. We send troops to fight wars for lesser things than preserving the fundamental foundations of the United States, and the order of the world.

I implicate many people in many things in what I report about, and I won't back down. First, because I document the information I report about. If I was fed bad info , I can document the source and it will stand as proof of psyops against me, as I claim and can prove.

So, all I can say, really, is that while researching one of the criminals who has harmed me in this psyop work against me, one person was asked about this "person of interest"  and they said "Whatever they want to say is fine with me". I thought, what a perfect thing to say about all the people who will lie to deny knowing of me, let alone committing crimes against me. Crimes that could, legitimately, yield life sentences.

Because, the truth is, the crimes that have been committed against me have been committed against a huge number of people. The crimes and betrayals involved are so egregious, that - just imagine that if one of the literally dozens of crimes agains tme could be grounds for hanging at the Hague for crimes against humanity - imagine what the Hague would say to such human rights violations against millions of people?

I represent those millions of people. I represent you and the people caught in the middle.

So, whatever these people want to say about themselves and about me is fine with me, for now, because I know the truth of a great deal, more than is necessary, and when the time comes, the truth will be known.

And the day that the truth is known and acknowledged will be God's Day of Justice, on behalf of our lives and our souls, and it will mark the causation of the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, and the New World will begin.

All I can say beyond this is that when certain facts are presented to me, and circumstances and events establish a clear relationship and participation by people, organizations and agencies of the government, I can only conclude that there is a pattern and relationship worthy of suspicion, sometimes proof of criminality in one way or another. In one way, I am not responsible for investigating the crimes committed against me, nor are all the other victims of crimes  and injustice because of one form or another of corruption. At the same time, I've done  a great deal of work to come o the conclusions I have.

I was put in the positioning of fully explaining myself - good, bad or indifferent - and now I'm saying to these people, you explain it. Because I have enough, one way or another, to lead to convictions.

As some know, I often hope and pray that the bulk of the people I speak of were caught in the middle of something, are innocent, are victims just as much as others... I would be greatly pleased to have to apologize to  and vouch for every person under rightful and reasonable suspicion because of me.

But I say, let them explain it, and hope to God for their sakes, they tell the truth, for their souls and for the future of us all.

It's that important that they do.

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